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Tyler Perry receives a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame

#Afroviehubnews Tyler Perry recives a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame
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Ok, let me explain this photo. So I got a star today on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Thank you chamber!! I’m so grateful, but onto this photo. #only1crystalfox spoke and moved me. #kerrywashington spoke, and we both were in tears. Then #idriselba came up to speak, and they all were so powerful. I was so moved. To look out and see all the cast from all the shows that I have created made my heart so full. To be able to give opportunities to so many was just so humbling to me. Anyway, the photogs were asking for photos so at that moment the BEAUTIFUL KERRY WASHINGTON was leaving, and they all started snapping pictures of her!! Look at my face. We had such a good laugh about this. Thank you everyone for your support and love all these years. My Mamma would be so proud.

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