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How To Balance Acting in Nollywood With A Side Business

You might not understand how a side business can change your life as a Nollywood actor until you have tried it. If it scares you to combine business along with acting in Nollywood, that’s normal. What you need the more is knowing as much as you need to before going into it.

Small actors in Nollywood live on the edge and debts are very easy to acquire in this case. What’s worst in all these is not getting to your big dreams in the end. Help yourself stay on the top of it all with these simple ideas we are going to show you:

Find the right side business for you.

Be a good time manager.

Act like a pro and be organised.

Don’t let things overtake you.

Don’t get overworked.

Business in Nollywood
Choose a business that allows you to work at your pace. (Photo: Unsplash/Kelly Sikkema)
Find the right side business for you
Wobbling is bad for you, find some stability and also find the right business idea for you. Don’t go looking for things that won’t allow you to work at your own pace. Most especially, go with something that allows you to be creative while juggling it with auditions.

Be a good time manager
Time is delicate. Avoid misplacing it. There is a time for auditions and time for your business and you should try to differentiate these times or lose out on both sides. Apply your multi-tasking skills here.

Business in Nollywood
Organise yourself in the best ways possible.
Be organised
When it comes to organising things, you need calendar apps. If you want to get ahead, there are certain tools you just can’t overlook. Acting in Nollywood along with a side business demand a certain level of attention. Get a voice recorder app for on-the-run recordings as well as notes apps for memos. Evernote is a great tool to group them accordingly.

Don’t let things overtake you
Utility bills have to be paid for and a side business is great for fulfilling that. However, working double jobs can also lead to a tight schedule. Squeeze time out, no matter how little for chores and a little bit of socialising to avoid stress.

Don’t get overworked
There a number of things that can cause your stress level to rise and overworking is among the many. Tiredness can take a toll on you and make you miserable. If you find stress building up, then it’s time to take a break before it does you any damage

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