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Africa’s biggest skills job fair iCreate Africa Skills fest !

 Africa’s biggest skills job fair iCreate Africa Skills fest !! 4th-5th December 2019
Landmark Center Oniru Lagos

To attend register visit the Website

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iCreate Africa is a hub for skill excellence and development.

Our mandate as a social enterprise is to prioritize technical skills as a global currency and a tool that empowers citizens to create sustainable and inclusive economies

Getting to know us.

Our focus is to address the societal perception affecting youth participation in technical skills by rebranding technical skills, uplifting the profiles of skilled professionals and projecting skills in the mainstream.


Through local and international cooperation and collaborations between industries, the Government(s), organizations, and institutions, iCreate Africa promotes the need for a renewed focus on deriving the benefits of technical skills through skill competitions, grassroots community projects, and training. ICreate Africa demonstrates how important Skill Education and Training is for the youths, the economy and the society at large by challenging young people to ignore societal stigma and embrace skills as a first choice.




To build an Africa that has the skilled workforce to utilize its natural resources and take the lead in global discourse.



To address the challenge of youth unemployment and poverty in Africa through skills development.
With the youngest population in the world, iCreate Africa aims to enhance, empower and equip our youth with the necessary skill set to manage and emancipate the continent. We encourage young people to seek for understanding of their core strengths, embrace their talents, upskill and turn their passion into profession.
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