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New and exciting shows on African magic.

African magic has launched some new and exciting shows to keep you excited.

This reality show helps people confront their fears and secret by sharing real-life confessions between friends, siblings, love interest, etc. Furthermore, the person being confessed to is not aware until the camera rolls. You get to see real-life reactions and situations to both good or both confessions.

The show is about three friends who grew up on the same street in a simple Lagos neighborhood, from their personal decisions, take on very different paths through life. Despite these changes, they remain the best of friends.
We explore their friendship as they each face several challenges, from their careers to their dating lives, marital issues, romance, heartbreak and general issues that women go through personally and professionally. Showing on Wednesdays.

This is a reality dating show with an unexpected twist. The suitor goes for dinner with 3 different families of potential dates and eventually picks one date. The other rejected dates are visited with a token (e.g wine). The suitor only gets to see his pick at the eventual couple dinner. Showing on Sundays.

This is a reality show about plastic surgery procedures in Nigeria. You get to uncover the reasons why the participants want a change and their recovery journey. Showing on Fridays.

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