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Tips for actors on performing great monologues.

A word for actors on performing great monologues from Charles Uwagbai with professional actors; Ufuoma McDermott, Frederick Leonard and Booby Micheals.

1. Avoid stereotypes
When a monologue challenge or competition comes up understand that it’s a competition. Thing of what everyone else would do and try not to do the same thing, so you stand out. As an actor, you ha e license to interpret a role as you deem it fit.

2. Use your voice
As an actor, your most powerful weapon is your voice, learn to use your voice when acting. Protect and train your voice learn from other actors.

3. Learn
Acting is dedication, it’s a constant learning process. You don’t have to shout to act, just deliver your lines with intent. Train consistently, watch movies and play all kind of roles, eras. Every actor learned their craft while they were waiting.

4. Performing monologue
Casting directors are looking for the nuances, your unique character interpretation. When you become a character you don’t need to look for range, you don’t need to look for any emotions because you already feel it. You already know it and want to tell it. All the reasons for saying what you need to say, lies in your character.

5. Avoid discrimination
Most upcoming actors go with the common line, ” I don’t watch Nollywood movies”, the question is how do you want to do something, when you don’t know that thing.

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