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What are the responsibilities of Film or TV Production Managers in Nigeria?

What are the responsibilities of Production Managers?

In film and television projects, production managers organize the business, finance, and employment difficulties. You would be in charge of how the production budget is spent and ensuring that everything works smoothly throughout filming as a Production Manager.

Meeting with the producer and other senior production staff to examine scripts or program ideas drawing up a shooting schedule and estimating costs hiring crews and contractors, and negotiating rates of pay negotiating costs and approving the booking of resources, equipment, and suppliers would be part of your responsibilities before production began.
coordinating place reservations and obtaining any applicable approvals and risk evaluations

During filming, responsibilities include ensuring that the production runs on time and reporting to the producer on progress, managing the production schedule and budget, and managing the production team.
ensuring that insurance, health and safety regulations, copyright laws, and collective bargaining agreements are followed

To operate as a Production Manager, you’ll need extensive expertise in television or film, a thorough understanding of the production process, and a network of industry contacts. Although experience and track record are more significant than formal degrees, you might find it beneficial to enroll in a course that involves practical skills, work placements, and networking opportunities. You’ll need a thorough understanding of budget management, so accounting skills and qualifications will come in handy.

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