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Call for Applications: Creativity Pioneers Fund

Call for Applications: Creativity Pioneers Fund

Deadline: 27-May-2024

Applications are now open for the Creativity Pioneers Fund (CPF) that catalyzes transformational social change by investing in, connecting, and championing cultural and creative organizations that advance bold and unconventional practices for building a more just, inclusive, and equitable world.

Opportunities for Young Talents, Youth-Led NGOs And NGOs Working For Youth

Working with and alongside organizations, donors and other stakeholders across the creative ecosystem, the Creativity Pioneers Fund aims to mobilize a collective effort to advance Creativity for Social Change.

The micro-grant represents only a starting point for a more extensive and long-term collaboration system towards a platform model that provides the Creativity Pioneers with access to more financial opportunities, in-kind and know-how support, mentoring and learning opportunities, peer-to-peer exchange and networking.

The Creativity Pioneers Fund aims to create a platform of organizations that recognize creativity as a catalyst for positive social transformation. The grant recipients enter a global ecosystem where they can connect with peer organizations and access learning, mentoring, and networking opportunities. Participation in this platform can enable like-minded organizations to create a movement of Creativity for Social Change.

Opportunities for Young Talents, Youth-Led NGOs And NGOs Working For Youth

The Creativity Pioneers Fund intends to invest in bold, inspiring and intersectional organizations close to the challenges and communities they seek to address. Through the Creativity Pioneers Fund, they are promoting a more progressive philanthropic approach based on trust, unrestricted funding, valorization of intersectionality, simple and inclusive paperwork both at the selection process and M&E, and a strong focus on building long-lasting networks and ecosystems.

Funding Information

The Creativity Pioneers Fund provides unrestricted funding with a 5,000 euro grant to organizations to help sustain their essential functions and programs.
Eligibility Criteria

Support is granted only to non-profit organizations that are legally registered and operating in the countries in which they operate, with no limits on geographic origin.
They seek for organizations that place creativity at the center of their mission and programs, demonstrating how they strengthen the role creativity plays in the social transformation of their target communities.
Priority is given to organizations that focus their work on disadvantaged and/or marginalized communities and that work primarily with youth (16-27 years old).
The organization must be able to provide a bank account number registered in the name of the organization. As a foundation they cannot make donations to individuals’ bank accounts.
Please note: if your organization is unable to receive donations from the EU and US due to political/regulatory restrictions, they encourage applicants to propose alternative options aligned with the guidelines. Each exception will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Organizations are not eligible to apply: If they have already received the micro-grant from the Creativity Pioneers Fund.If they represent political parties, religious organizations or engage in lobbying activities.If are not legally registered.If they are not non-profit entities.If their founder(s) and/or any legal representatives are involved in events prejudicial to their reputation and/or legal status, including but not limited to breach of criminal laws, malfeasance, tax evasion (even if not criminally relevant), discrimination, hate speech, or dissemination of fake news.
For more information, visit Moleskine Foundation.

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