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In 2024, Nigeria music is witnessing a significant rise of female artists, making a shift that has been brewing for years. Unlike before, women are being judged more on their music rather than superficial aspects like appearance or promotion strategies. It has an impact even the most prominent Nigerian female musicians, sometimes at crucial moments.

The potentially greatest album of 2020, “Celina” from Tiwa Savage, was the topic of conversation for a long time because of how poorly the record’s advertisements were done. Some felt the album didn’t deserve to be heard because it didn’t cause them to have jaw-dropping talks. This from a musician who a decade earlier had released many strong albums and dozens of successes. This change is evident in the increasing number of female artists establishing their own presence and gaining mainstream recognition. Also, most times we can also see Nigerians focusing more on Ayra’s dressing rather than she’s a good artist with trending songs and albums.

Previously, female artists were pitted against each other’s appeal through competition. Now, there’s a diverse range of female artists reflecting various identities and perspectives. As entertainment business executive, Oyinkansola “foza” Fawehinwi, put it in an X post, “The women are active! No toxic energy, just good music and grinding! Days I dreamed about! Multiple women leading their lanes and no useless one spot comparison.

However, there’s still work needed to create an equal playing field, such as addressing cheating in record labels and changing the perception that female artists are more expensive to promote. Ultimately, greater acceptance of female artists by audience and more respect from the industry can make success more accessible and affordable for them.

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