DLONG school of Arts & film

DLONG school of Arts & film

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dlong communications is a creative agency based in Maryland, Lagos, Nigeria. We are a full-service studio creating strategy, design & production across all platforms. We specialize in brand communications, print media, publishing media, content creation, commercials, film making, and training. dlong communications is set out to nurture talented, hardworking students in their life-long journey of becoming fully developed Graphics, animation and motion picture practitioners. The love of excellence in animation / motion picture production as an occupation is the motivating spirit of the College.

Recognizing the continuing importance of this art form to society and to the individual, our institute programs develops the wisdom and courage to fulfill an individual’s potential as a human being and as creative artist. Our experienced faculty and professional guests work intimately with each student, giving their best as educators and practitioners of their craft. The institute approach emphasizes knowledge, self-discovery, training, research as well as intellectual, physical and emotional development. The need to create and to communicate lies in the heart of every aspiring animation/film student, and to live as an Actor,Graphics Designer, Animator, movie Director, Scriptwriter e.t.c is an exciting and challenging adventure.

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March 16, 2020
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