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We are Native Media, we Love To Play. We are a hybrid of skills, pace and fun, so we are… different. How we play: we scripted characters and sound comedians played with it and we birth the grand comedy: The Johnsons. We played on precolonial Niger-Delta and mused on possible realities of our progenitors and we brought fourth Hotel Majestic to grace the screen.

One fine morning, we took a trip to University of Ife to research life as an undergraduate student. As we concluded our study we played with the humor and memorable moments we had during this time. It sparked off the hunger to create for the screen again. The result? Zone 222. We are the mind behind Hush. what we did? We hushed our worries, harped our vision, pushed creative  boundaries. Of course, we let innovation play with us too and we brought fourth Hush. Are you still with us? We play in international fields too: Price of Spice, our first international drama series reflects a rich Canadian and Nigerian cast. The story? The curious troubles of a migrant in Canada.

Our next transnational series Till You’re 16 is a potpourri of family dynamics and culture-shock negotiated by Nigerians in Canada. We are creative next door. Mnet Africa, Africa Magic, Theatron Media Canada, Urban Tv Canada and a few other good friends like how we play because we sure never stop till we birth gripping Tv content seducing a  wide range of audience. We are Native Media, friends of creativity… We Love to Play

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March 16, 2020
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