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This is an opportunity to work with an Ashoka Fellow

Ashoka Fellows are leading social entrepreneurs that have been taken through a rigorous selection process, testing the quality of their ideas and character, to become part of the Ashoka Fellowship and Network. Ashoka Fellows take on the challenges of building innovative system change ideas to make and spread social impact in a world wrought with challenges. They refuse to let the ‘impossible’ stand in their way to creating a better world.

This is an unpaid, volunteer opportunity

For more information, please visit www.hechoxnosotros.org

Job Description

Calling all Global Artisans! Here’s your chance to work with animaná & Hecho por nosotros and be a change maker! Please send us your films and pictures that show us your eco-friendly work and unique Artisan crafts. We would love to include your stories as part of our mission to make Fashion more sustainable.

Our goal is to build a resource on our website that celebrates the important work of Artisans world wide and the role they play in sustainability. Artisans are highly skilled and many have passed down their crafts from generations. The HXN toolkit aims to raise awareness of the value of Artisans in the supply chain and the vital role they play in the future of sustainable fashion. The Artisan resource also aims to educate Students, Designers and SME’S on ways to work with Artisans to create circular fashion so please send us your Stories!

Volunteer Logistics

Estimated hours required per week: 15 to 30, at least 15 hours per week
The estimated duration of the project is: 1-3 months
This position is Virtual

Desired Skills And Experience

VIDEO AND CONTENT CREATORS What we are looking for in your films: Artisan stories that show ancient practices passed down through generations. We want to hear from Indigenous Artisans in Africa, Asia, Europe, Australasia, South America, Antartica, Oceania, Europe, North America. We are looking for:
Artisans with ethical practices, using of natural textiles that are eco-friendly, local, non-toxic, renewable, and biodegradable,
Use of sustainable Artisan practices such as use of natural vegetable dyes, use of animal fibres.
Films that show some of the struggles you have to maintain your Artisan craft.
Examples where Artisans work with SMES’ in a positive way
Examples where SME’s and Brands have worked with Artisans to improve their value chains sustainability.
Designers we want to see how you are working with
Artisan skills in your Fashion and textile Design.
Examples of companies who are changing the business model
Examples of Best Practice where Brands are working ethically with Artisans workers.
What ethical practices and laws are in place or profit sharing that ensure Artisans are fairly rewarded.
Submit your films to video.artisanshxn@gmail.com Please include:
Name of your company
An explanation of your Artisan Craft and its sustainability
How long you have been practicing your Craft
Any other MSmes or Brands you work with
Why your Artisan work is important
Learn More About Us At https://animanaonline.com.ar/ and https://www.hechoxnosotros.org

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Terms & Conditions For Job:

Job Location
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