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Please apply if you’re interested. To ‘ ‘

Also note that this information has been verified and considered safe.

We have deliberately withheld the name of the company involved to avoid unnecessary DMs from unqualified candidates.Before you know it, some funny people will go and disgrace themselves woefully. Example ” please help me, I am the one feeding my family ”

Also note the instructions below.

Please do not pay attention to anyone who contacts you directly asking you for money to sign you up for job. No matter the reason given try not to fall for it.

If you have been selected, you certainly will get a reply from same mail. If not, please leave it and try another opportunity.

WWF you have any challenges, you can always reach out to @ushersinnigeria.💞 Please dear, never ever beg for a job. If you beg, it means you’re not qualified for that job. If you don’t show competence, it’s easier for people to take advantage of you.

Good luck.



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Terms & Conditions For Job:

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