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Send your Video to Vivacious 08109117138 in landscape indicating the character/ Category you are applying for, A clear picture of you, Full name, And Age.

*Please Note* Only Lagos based can apply for this. And you must be available to come to the office if your Video is selected.

*Deadline is 2pm Friday 21st August 2020*

Mother of the Groom: 55 to 60yrs.
Specific performance character looks Note:

Good looking, Has motherly traits. Must be able to deliver various moods with ease _ firm, disciplined, warm and loving, she exudues confidence and expresses firm conviction in her expressions.She must look Yoruba but speaks Hausa

Performernce: Your son is getting married to a Northern lady. To make her feel at home, you will learn a few Hausa words which you say to her at the ceremony and give her a hug.

Dialogue: Ina so ka sani cewa muna kaunarka kuma muna ma marhaba zuwa cikin Zuri a mu (I want you to know we love you and welcome you into our family)

BRIDE:- 25 -30yrs
Specific performance character looks Note:
Good looking she’s smooth, fluent, elegant but meek with a beautiful smile and lovely teeth
Must look Hausa

Performance:its your wedding day, your Yoruba mother -in- low surprises you by saying this in Hausa “I want you to know we love and welcome you onto our family”. You are touched and give her a hug as she opens are arms to you

Groom:, – 27 to 35yrs
Specific performance character looks Note:
Hamdsome, confident but warm and dresses elegantly . has alovely smile witj Good facial expression. Must look Yoruba

Its your wedding day, your bride walks in as you admire her with love. You mother surprises you both as she says this in Hausa” i want you to know we love you and welcomes you into our family”, REACT TO THIS

Specific performance character looks Note;
Good looking, patient, must be able to act like a teacher. Must look Hausa and be able to speak Hausa Laguage Fluently

Performance; You are teachiing an elderly Yoruba woman how to say “I want you to knonw we love you and your welcome into our family” In Hausa.Lets see you teach her the words and react as she gets it right and youacknowledge this with pride

Wedding MC. 33 to 38yrs
Specific performance character looks Note:
Good looking, confident, havea lovely smile and should be able to compare

Performance: you are the M .C. As a wedding . its a marriage between a Yoruba man and an Hausa woman. Lets see you coordinate and compere this

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