The Talent Show: Register And Audition To Be the Next Superstar


Are you an aspiring actor between the ages 18-30 in Nigeria? Then this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss! -An opportunity to meet, network with and get trained by prominent Nollywood actors, directors, filmmakers,etc. -An opportunity to get noticed by some of the most amazing filmmakers in the country and be featured in their movies.
And more excitingly! An opportunity to be among the top 3 contestants to win the sums of One Million Naira, Five Hundred Thousand Naira and Three Hundred Thousand Naira respectively. What’s more? There’s something for everyone! Once you register, you automatically get exclusive rights to every acting course, trainings and discussion that will take place in camp.
click the link here to visit the website and register
Hurry now to register and be among the lucky people to get this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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