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Leap Africa

LEAP Africa seeks to recruit a Manager to oversee all Communications, Public Relations and Branding activities in the organisation
LEAP Africa offers innovative leadership and work-readiness programmes for youth with the primary aim of equipping them to live productively, lead ethically and motivate them to deliver positive change in their communities by either championing community development efforts or building sustainable social enterprises.

Core Functions/Responsibilities-:
1. Public Relations and Marketing
– Design and implement strategic media and communication plans for the organization, LEAP’s programmes, ensuring
successful deployment of media plans for new and existing programmes including press-related activities.
– Cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with media firms, agencies and ensure maximum publicity for the LEAP
– Effective reputation and crisis management.
– Coordinate press activities.
– Develop and implement marketing plans for the organization, its programmes, and activities.

2. Digital Marketing
– Coordinate the creation of multimedia productions for the organization including commercials, short documentaries,
audio messages and videos in various formats.
– Coordinate and supervise the creation of content and leads on social media to drive publicity for LEAP’s programmes
and events (e.g. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, blog etc), also monitor & report performance metrics on a quarterly basis.
– Manage and oversee the digital fundraising activities of the organization.

3. Branding and Event Management
– Oversee and manage the activities relating to the production and distribution of branding materials for LEAP and all
its programmes/events e.g banners, T-shirts, flyers etc.
– Monitor and ensure adherence to brand ideals in all external and internal communications and events.
– Manage the production of corporate materials used in stakeholder engagement.

4. Corporate Publications
– Manage internal and external communications of the organization ensuring that the message is consistent and
engaging. Tailor messages to increase awareness and to maximize the potential of various channels.
– Ensure the regular and timely production and distribution of LEAP’s biannual newsletter, annual reports and other
corporate publications related to the organization or its various programme activities.

5. Partnerships & Stakeholder Management
– Report to and work closely with the Executive Director and the Board of Directors in the creation and implementation of
the organization’s communications, public relations, media and branding strategy to strengthen LEAP’s reputation,
visibility influence.
– Plan and implement engagement plans for funders and partners; identify different stakeholders and beneficiaries
groups and determine the best way to communicate effectively with them.
– Develop and maintain relationships with LEAP’s stakeholders, conduct annual stakeholder satisfaction surveys and
reviews that feed into the programme and organizational improvements, as well as consult with programmes departments on stakeholder engagement and management.
– Management of the organization’s databases.
6. Alumni Management
– Lead alumni engagement and work with the LEAP Alumni executive committee in the management of the
LEAP Africa Alumni Network ( LAAN)- ensuring that members are constantly and actively engaged.
– Oversee all activities of the Alumni network ensuring that they are in line with LEAP’s mission and vision and they
effectively project the LEAP brand.
– Support the career goals of LAAN and continue to create exceptional value for the network.
– Lead sustainability efforts of LAAN in partnership with LEAP Alumni executive committee and Advisory committee.
7. Website Maintenance and Content management
Coordinate and manage websites- ensuring regular maintenance and up to date content that effectively projects the LEAP brand. Manage and optimize SEO for the website and blogs.
8. Responsible for leading the department’s strategic and operational tasks.
9. Perform other organizational projects and tasks assigned by your supervisor.

Technical Competencies:
1). Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field.
2). A postgraduate degree is an added advantage.
3). 5 – 7 years’ experience in Corporate Communications, Public relations including experience in fundraising, partnership and stakeholder management.
4). Experience in the NGO sector is an added advantage but not compulsory.
5). Very good public speaking skills and facilitation skills
6). Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, with a good command of the English language.
7). International exposure and travel experience is an added advantage.
8). Critical thinking and an ability to understand and craft messages for diverse targeted audience groups.

Behavioural Competencies:
1). Demonstrates integrity by modelling the LEAP’s values and ethical standards.
2). Strong analytical, driven, efficient, innovative and problem-solving skills
3). Strong customer service skills with the ability to interact with stakeholders with top-notch professionalism.
4). Managerial experience is required.

Location: Lagos, Nigeria.

Females are preferred for this role

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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