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A digital strategist must have a robust generalist’s understanding of traditional and digital marketing and some knowledge of how businesses work.
You need to have a solid foundation in digital marketing as a whole, with the understanding that everything we do must influence or impact consumer behaviour enough to drive tangible results that meet our client’s business objectives.
You will be the day-to-day custodian of assigned brands.
To this end, you are required to develop and maintain an intimate knowledge of the clients’ business and ensure that all client requirements are executed in a timely and accurate manner. ​
The role involves a high level of understanding and involvement in content planning and management.
To this end, you will be required to think of social media both strategically and executional.
You may also be required to coordinate training sessions for assigned clients based on an identified knowledge gap.
Main Duties

Perform monthly detailed desktop research into our clients, their brands, their category, and competitors across multiple markets.
De-construct competitive best practices in digital marketing and create benchmarks – monthly.
Conduct web asset audits to map a brand’s web presence and assess the effectiveness of each asset – biannually.
Work closely with the various specialists involved with the implementation and management of our digital strategies.
Identify opportunities for clients to use digital technology to enhance their overall marketing mix: product, price, place, or promotion.
Social brand planning
Community Management and development of social calendars as required.
Expand the impact/role of content in the client’s marketing mix as appropriate
Ensure all communication is in line with brand guidelines and audience understanding
With the use of media research tools, develop and execute sound, well thought out media plans based on client marketing direction
Ensure defined campaign objectives are met in accordance with client briefs and campaign budgets
Develop media plans providing strategic thinking behind ad placement, rates and response projections of the campaign
Negotiate and buy media as per the media plan
Work with third party ad serving tools to traffic the campaign for launch
Manage the launch of campaigns delivering launch report to clients
Manage administrative duties including preparing and collecting insertion orders for every media buy
Monitor live campaigns to identify any issues and optimization steps
Complete post campaign case study analysis
Compile all key delivery information to ensure proper reconciliation of delivered activity and booked activity for invoicing purposes
Maintain historical database of campaign results
Explore media alternatives and be creative in recommending media solutions.
Be accurate to instill/​maintain client confidence
Must be at all times alert to new media and new methods of using existing media and innovative solutions to deliver objectives.

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