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Your role requires that you work in a team and participate in the creative cycle of the news broadcast. As a news anchor, you will work closely with reporters and will be responsible for gathering information, broadcasting newscasts throughout the day and interviewing guests.

Ultimately, you should be able to follow current events and present news stories to audiences in an informative, interesting, and unbiased way.


  • Generating ideas for stories and features and following leads from news agencies, the police, the public, press conferences and other sources
  • Pitching ideas to editors and commissioners
  • Researching, verifying, and collating evidence and information to support a story using relevant information sources such as the internet, archives, databases, etc.
  • Writing scripts for bulletins, headlines, and reports
  • Selecting appropriate locations, pictures and sound and exercising editorial judgement on the best angle from which to approach a story
  • Identifying necessary resources and deploying and managing technical crews for location shoots, including sound operators and camera crew
  • Providing directorial input, advising crews on what to film or record
  • Using portable digital video (dv) cameras and other equipment to record material
  • Producing complete packages for broadcast
  • Preparing and presenting material on-air for both pre-recorded and live pieces
  • Identifying potential interviewees, briefing them, preparing interview questions and conducting both live and recorded interviews
  • Preparing timings for each news item and monitoring these during a broadcast
  • Deciding on the running order for bulletins and making any necessary changes during a broadcast
  • Collaborating with the editor to put together the completed item
  • Developing and maintaining local contacts, assuming a public relations role
  • Understanding and complying with media law and industry codes of conduct
  • Research local community national and international current events
  • Meet with the Executive News Editor, in collaboration with Executive producer, producer, reporters and other news anchors to be briefed on the day’s news
  • Work with the Executive News Editor to choose stories to broadcast considering audience preferences
  • Organize the news to present the most interesting pieces first
  • Revise scripts and prepare to deliver them on-air
  • Ensure late-breaking news is added to newscasts
  • Engage in commentary
  • Interview guests and other members involved stories
  • Introduce news correspondents reporting on the scene and ask them relevant questions
  • Comply with the moral code of the journalistic profession
  • Keep abreast of news developments by studying papers, attending events, etc.


  • BSc degree in Journalism, Communications or relevant field
  • Proven work experience as a news anchor
  • Understanding of the newscast process
  • Broad knowledge of local, national and international affairs (e.g. political, economic, legislative and cultural)
  • Comfortable yet professional presence on camera
  • Ability to improvise in a live on-camera setting
  • Excellent verbal skills
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills
  • Available to work on a flexible schedule
  • Ability to work under stressful conditions and strict deadlines
  • Active social media presence
  • An interest in people, news, current affairs, and good general knowledge
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Confidence in front of a camera and an ‘on-air’ presence
  • An understanding of relevant technical equipment and editing software
  • The ability to work under pressure, both within teams and individually
  • Outstanding analytical skills and ability to absorb, extract and present information in a clear and understandable way
  • The ability to build rapport and to handle interactions with sensitivity, empathy, and diplomacy, while maintaining impartiality
  • Excellent interviewing and listening skills
  • An eye for a story, with an ability to generate original ideas and the confidence to pitch to senior editors
  • Tenacity, persistence, resourcefulness and creative problem-solving skills.
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