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OPEN CALL Recentering Africa in a Digital Universe
Today, the advancement of technology and the digital world is reinventing the African Culture.

Terms such as Pan-Africanism, Africanism are becoming more complex to describe. African Traditions are no longer been passed down, traditional roles of men and women in society and family are changing, beliefs are more being tested by logic and sentiments of heritage are being put on the shelf.

This year, for the 3rd annual Photocarrefour Exhibition, we are interested in how these changes are shaping a new identity moving forward and what traditions will be emerging in this new African identity.

Photographers are invited to visually show some of these changes using their camera. To get started, here are a few photographers who have done works that reflect this thinking.
• Cristina de Middel Afronaut
• Andrew Esiebo Na God
• Osbourne Macharia

Send your works (a minimum of 3) to or send to this link recentering Africa https//

DEADLINE 14th of September, 2019.

from @photocarrefour_africa

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