Affiliate Marketing Manager

Talent Disruptors

We are in search of a dedicated professional to lead and elevate our Affiliate Program. As the Affiliate Program Manager at Talent Disruptors, you will play a pivotal role in the strategic development and meticulous oversight of our affiliate initiatives. Your expertise will be crucial in aligning these programs with our company’s objectives, expanding our affiliate network, and driving success through innovative, data-driven strategies.


Affiliate Program Development: Spearhead the establishment and management of our affiliate program, ensuring seamless alignment with company goals and objectives.Recruitment of New Affiliates: Actively seek and onboard new affiliates and influencers to diversify and expand our network and reach.Managing Affiliate Relationships: Cultivate and maintain strong relationships with key affiliates, equipping them with the necessary tools and support for successful product promotion.Performance Analysis: Regularly monitor and evaluate the affiliate program’s performance, utilizing insights to refine and enhance strategies.Marketing Material Creation: Collaborate seamlessly with the marketing team to craft effective promotional materials tailored for affiliate use.Ensuring Compliance and Best Practices: Uphold adherence to industry standards and company policies within the affiliate program, staying abreast of evolving trends.Budget Management: Oversee the affiliate marketing budget, encompassing commission structures and promotional expenses, ensuring optimal resource utilization.Providing Training and Support: Offer comprehensive training and support to both new and existing affiliates, maximizing their potential and performance.Regular Reporting: Consistently provide detailed reports to upper management, highlighting the affiliate program’s successes and identifying areas for improvement.


Experienced in Affiliate Marketing: Demonstrated background in developing and managing successful affiliate programs.Skilled in Relationship Management: Excellence in building and maintaining strong relationships with affiliates and influencers.Analytical and Strategic: Adept at analyzing program performance and utilizing data to drive strategic decisions.Creative Collaborator: Effective collaboration with marketing teams to develop compelling promotional materials.Knowledgeable in Industry Compliance: Well-versed in industry standards and best practices for affiliate marketing.Budget Management Expertise: Proven experience in managing budgets for optimal program performance.Effective Trainer and Supporter: Skillful in providing training and support to enhance affiliate performance.Strong Communicator and Reporter: Excellent communication skills, capable of delivering clear and concise reports to management.

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