Voice actors needed for upcoming audiobook projects.

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Voice Over

We are looking for amazing voice actors, who are good storytellers for our upcoming audiobook projects. Contract or Full-Time opportunity available.

Minimum Qualification: HND
Experience Level: Entry level
Experience Length: 1 year
Job Description
Hello! We are looking for strong and passionate storytellers or narrators for 10 audiobook projects. We need actors that can connect with the audience through their voice. We have a handful of upcoming projects in hand so candidates who are committed & fluent in English, please share your VO clips. The script is below

Things we are looking for

Professional storytellers
Clear and profound voices
Knows how to be dramatic
Fluent in English
Good communicator

The books are between 20000 and 30000 words and about 3 hours narration for each project

The novels are about

1. Drama Novel – We need a female narrator

2. Kids Stories Novel – We need a male narrator

3. Adventure Novel – We need a female narrator

4. Folk Novel – We need a male narrator

5. Horror Novel – We need a male narrator

6. Sci-Fi Novel – We need a male narrator

7. Comedy Novel – We need a male narrator

8. Romance Novel – We need a female narrator

9. Mystery Novel – We need a female narrator

10. Crime Novel – We need a male narrator

We are looking for strong English narrators and with an African accent. Extra African language is a plus

The payment is N30000 for each project delivered

We know the character’s voices. We know the tone of the story. We feel that to understand the character’s story you have to feel it in the sound of the voice as well. The way something sounds is important. That is why we would like to hear how each potential voice interprets itself within the context of the story. With that being said…If any interested narrators believe that they are capable to step into the shoes of the characters, please apply and we will send you a link for you to send in a short recording of a segment. Thanks ahead of time for your interest!

The main characters follow a timeline of growth. The books are divided into sections by character. We will also consider multiple narrators. Some stories begin with the grandmother telling her story. There is the main character Akana whose story is told through the eyes of others until she is able to tell her own story. The other characters are Osun, Omalicha’s mother, and Johnny, Omalicha’s friend.

The following excerpt is from Oya Osun’s grandmother.

“Osun was starting to get angry, he breathed deeply to calm himself. “With each storm he sent, I had to regrow everything. And for both villages. I didn’t say anything because I pitied his village. But he doesn’t think of all the trouble I go through to help them with their harvest. Completely oblivious to my hard work! He’s destroyed it time and time again, and I’ve had to regrow it time and time again!” The plants around them moved a little.”


A plus if the candidate has a prior creative experience with voice-overs for audiobooks

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