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Ajadi Ayodeji Paul is a multi- talented stage and screen actor. His writing and directorial abilities have made him an in-depth actor as he can feel from both the writer and director’s point of view which in turn helps him to give a striking, entertaining, engaging and delicious performance both on stage and screen. He has the ability to live truthfully under any given imaginary circumstances regardless of age, ethnicity, religious belief, sexual orientation and experience. He has a poweful vocal dexterity as well as dancing prowess which makes him a perfect fit for musicals. He is a ready to learn individual who yearns to contibute his creative ideas and abilities into any given creative projects as well as developing new creative skills and abilities through the help of those with better abilities and experience. He can be trusted with creative task as he believes art is spiritual and only a trustworthy person can truthfully excel in it.

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Babcock University Bsc Economics
Del-York Creative Academy Certificate in Theatre Art

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Freelance Producer Hope 89.1FM

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