Ayooluwa Odunuga


Ayooluwa Odunuga

Video Director, producer

Member Since 2019

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Creativity is much more than just a skill listed on my resume: I believe it’s a way of life. I’ve brought my
Creative thinking and problem-solving abilities to every job I’ve had, and every project I’ve worked on.

I’ve directed and managed quite a lot of successful projects for Top brands, Jumia, jiji, vitafoam, Bosch etc

My creative thinking, leadership and animating skills were critical to the project’s ultimate success

My track record as a creative director also include 2d animation, motion graphics and drone piloting

I hope to speak with you to further to discuss how my skills and creative abilities can help  your organization reach its goals

Yours sincerely,

Ayooluwa Odunuga

Primary Profile : Director

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