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Joyce Bernard U


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Iam Joyce Bernard, from Enugu state, Nigeria, 28 years of age,have a second degree in management , am passionate about acting, am good at what I do, am a fashion designer too, I like being straight forward, love traveling , open to criticism and I love learning, am humble and from a humble background , I dislike arrogant people, lies and deceit , I have the ability to coexist with any kinda personality, I write script aswel .

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ThickSkinned,The Mistress, OGUM,Ndi Ilom, Ihe NGBU , Onye Onu Uto, Nwanyi Dim, Afunwa Elota Nna, Who am I?,Obi Nwanne,Obi Ngbawa,The Choosen Ones, Ebankyglobal production , kamdera tv, Ude.J productions
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