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I, Sharta Prince am a proficient French Language Teacher at Mabest Academy and Editor/Translator with REDDOT Africa and Souvenir Publishers, having over 3 years’ experience of teaching and professionally editing French based materials, as well as a 3 years’ experience in teaching the German Language. Having  helped over 250 students/candidates not only to understand the rudiments but also to speak French to a great level of fluency, most of these ones, usually young people, I would say I am an influencer and promoter of the French language .

I am well grounded in teaching the French Language with passion.

I have taught the French Language in different schools, in O’ and A’ Level both fulltime and part time. I also volunteer from time to time,  helping French Language undergraduates in universities around the country prepare and  pass their exams.

I  serve as an editor with Souvenir Publishers and have prepared applicants for TEF, TEFAQ, TFI and DELF exams. My achievements are noteworthy in my success stories, for I continue to assist applicants pass their proficiency exams, some of which are already living in Canada, France and Belgium.

I have held a 100% success rate in national exams since the August 2020 and 2021 BASIC EDUCATION CERTIFICATES EXAMINATION (BECE).

Mr. Sharta is a proud holder of ‘Diplôme d’Étude En Langue Française B2 (DELF B2).


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