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Queen Akajiaku

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My name is Akajiaku Queen, I graduated fromĀ  Yaba College of Technology where I studied Office Technology and Management (Bilingual) and I came out with distinction. I love dancing, reading, music, meeting people and I also love teaching. I always have passion for French right from my polytechnic days and always envisaged to teach the language of which it has brought me to where I am currently.

However, I seek another dimension of life to put in my skills to use that is why I am applying for this position and I will be very happy if given the opportunity to maximize these skills. I am humble and willing to learn new ideas and I hope my request will be granted favorably.

Thank you.

Primary Profile : Dancer

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Yaba College of Technology Higher National Diploma

Graduated with DISTINCTION

Yaba College of Technology National Diploma

Graduated with UPPER CREDIT

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