Month: August 2022

Are you An African Filmmaker Completing The Editing Of Your Movie? Enter The Last Mile Film Fund Application

There is no shortage of great filmmakers in Africa, but they frequently run into difficulties during the production process, particularly when it comes to funding post-production expenses. The Last Mile Film Fund is being established by Africa No Filter to provide funding for African filmmakers who are finishing up their […]

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18 Cast Members Discuss What You Need to Know About Their Middle-earth Characters in “The Rings of Power” By Joe Otterson, Jazz Tangcay, Jordan Moreau, Jennifer Maas, and Adam B. Vary

The dramatic premiere of Amazon’s eagerly anticipated “The Lord of the Rings” TV series “The Rings of Power” will take place on September 2, the Friday before Labor Day weekend, with a two-episode release. click here to read more ;

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How Disney surpassed Netflix Tn The Streaming Battles Using “Stealth Mode”

The Walt Disney Company may have needed less than three years to surpass Netflix in terms of streaming customers, but its path to dominance….click here to read more ;

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