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About Amx Tribe

Amx Tribe is a program focused on letting creatives gain relevant and practical experience in their chosen field. AmX Tribe focuses on experiential learning, which combines the theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom with practical application and skill development . Here you can, in under 6 months, learn and gain training, mentorship, and practical experience in a myriad of disciplines to give them a great foundation as well as the start you need to go for your dream career. This is possible through online/physical training and mentorship session. Practical experience is gained by connecting creatives to a project is happening in their states or online(depending on skill set). They would be placed in roles that directly improve their preferred skill area.


How It Amx Tribe Works

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    Register by sending your cv or profile to
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    Immediately the program starts you can join one of the departments to receive training and work on projects, connect with mentors
  • Apply for job

    Use the Amx platform to search for creative jobs

How to Join Amx Tribe

Join Amx Tribe For a Free Training and Mentorship Program. This is a very practical mentorship and training program for Creatives. You learn by doing. From day one, you are operating a camera or presenting a show or editing an episode of a show or drama. To Apply 1) follow @amxafricahq 2) Send your cv or profile to Available Tracks include – Video Ediitng ( You need to own a laptop) – Vlogging or TV presenting – Cinematography Requirements -A passion for media

Amx Site Stats

Here we list our site stats and how many people we’ve helped find a job and companies have found recruits.
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