Marketing and Brand Communication Manager

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1. Brand Strategy and Development:
– Develop comprehensive brand strategies, including style guides, brand guidelines, vision, and value proposition, in alignment with group branding standards.
– Set short-term and long-term branding goals to foster brand recognition and loyalty within the target market.
2. Communication and Media Management:
– Plan and execute strategic communication and media activities across all channels, including online and social media platforms.
– Coordinate the creation of compelling content that aligns with the brand’s voice and resonates with the target audience.
3. Product Development and New Business Opportunities
– Collaborate with cross-functional teams to assist in product development, pricing strategies, and successful launches of new products.
– Identify and develop new business opportunities that contribute to the bank’s growth and expansion.
4. Promotional Collateral and Budget Management:
– Create and manage promotional collateral to establish and uphold consistent product branding.
– Manage the budget allocated for advertising and promotional activities, ensuring optimal allocation of resources.
5. Market Analysis and Insights:
– Conduct thorough competitor analysis to identify market trends, customer preferences, and potential opportunities.
– Analyze sales forecasts and relevant financial data to provide insights into product performance.
6. Marketing Strategy Evaluation and Optimization:
– Continuously evaluate marketing and pricing strategies for effectiveness and adapt them as needed to achieve optimal results.
– Stay updated on market trends, emerging technologies, and industry best practices.
7. Lead Generation and Brand Awareness:
– Drive initiatives to generate new business leads and increase brand awareness and market share.
– Collaborate with sales, PR, finance, and production departments to align marketing strategies with overall business goals.
– Represent and promote the Baobab brand at trade shows, industry events, and relevant forums.
8. Team Management:
– Provide guidance, feedback, and professional development opportunities to team members
– Provide leadership and guidance to the marketing team, fostering a collaborative and innovative work environment.
9. Reporting and Industry Engagement:
– Prepare and present quarterly and annual reports on marketing performance and strategies to senior management.
10. Brand Consistency and Professional Development:
– Ensure consistent application of the brand across all marketing efforts and communication channels.
– Stay updated on evolving marketing strategies, industry trends, and emerging technologies.
Qualifications and Experience:
– Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business Administration, or a related field (Master’s degree preferred).
– Proven experience (8+ years) in a senior marketing or brand management role, preferably in the financial sector.
– Strong understanding of branding, communication, and marketing principles.
– Excellent leadership and team management skills.
– Analytical mindset with the ability to interpret market trends and data.
– Proficiency in using marketing tools, social media platforms, and data analysis software.
– Exceptional written and verbal communication skills.
– Strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities.

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