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Video Editor for Celebrity (Dark Truth) YouTube channel with +5M network
United Kingdom
Job description
The Company is a dynamic, innovative, and ever-evolving company that operates primarily in the social media landscape. Over the past few years, we have established several incredible brands and continue to grow at an accelerated pace. We aim to produce varied content to delight and engage millions of viewers in a host of popular niches, while also building a hub of talented creatives that thrive in a fast-moving, rewarding, and collaborative environment.




We are looking for a creative and advanced editor for a celebrity-based channel who can make the video as creative and entertaining as possible. Video lengths to vary between 8-12 mins. We need someone who can maintain the same pace of creativity and storytelling throughout the video.


The channel is where we tell you the incredible stories of people who managed to catch the glitches that happened to them and were caught on tape!

Reference channel (not our actual channel):







– Create entertaining videos demonstrating energy, confidence, professional appearance, and audiovisual quality.

– Perform other duties as assigned.

– Create at least 3-5 videos per week

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