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DISCLAIMER: We are looking for a video editor. We need someone who produces high level video work, so if you are a designer or hobbyist, or otherwise not qualified, please do not apply. Please submit relevant past work or your application will not be considered.


With that out of the way!


We are a video agency focused on strategy and production that works with clients both domestically and internationally.


Most of the projects we need more help on consist of short form videos for client social media with a talking head and two camera angles. Editing responsibilities includes initial assembly, creative editing, revisions, captioning, music, etc.


Here is an example:


If your work is good and you are pleasant to work with we would love to hear from you, but here are some general requirements:


Proficient in Adobe Premiere
Proficient in Adobe After Effects (Don’t need you to be an animation genius, but candidates should have a foundational understanding of the software.)
Fast Internet
Respect for deadlines, and more importantly, good communication.


Huge bonus points if you are highly experienced in After Effects and short form video editing.


If your experience lines up with your rate we will likely have work for you! Will likely start candidates off with a paid practice project to get a sense of their style and go from there. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Not required – Remote okay

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