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Lekki Real Property Company


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Lekki Real Property Company
Creative & Design
Lagos Contract
Advertising, Media & Communications NGN 150,000 – 250,000 Negotiable

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Most of the job description below is generic so feel free to apply if you think you are organized, creative, and hardworking. Hands on creation of content creation with the help of a small team is what this simple documentary project is about. The more diligent, confident and skillful you are the better. Hope you can edit if push comes to shove!

Minimum Qualification:High School (S.S.C.E)
Experience Level:Mid level
Experience Length:3 years
Job Description/Requirements

Meet with stakeholders to evaluate, discuss, and/or propose requests and ideas for video projects
Creates and evaluates proposals, outlines, and scripts for clarity of purpose for appropriate creative and technical approaches.
Estimates production requirements (including equipment and crew), provides budget estimates, and evaluates copyright, clearance, and release requirements.
Meet with the client through all phases of the project to obtain client input, solve problems, and keep the project on schedule.
Storytelling: know how to tell a story, and make and approve creative decisions to help do this production well.
Produce, and edit for a variety of video formats
Pitch, research, develop and write videos
Produce and develop on-camera talent
Create and develop multiple video formats
Create graphics for videos
Help ideate stories and see through to completion, project managing all aspects of the production
Oversees the work of professional video production staff/crew, including editor, director of photography/videography, videographer, sound recordist, grips, and production assistant.
Implement best practices of a digital production process
Work closely with video stakeholders
Leadership: motivate and communicate well with everyone throughout the project, take the lead on decisions, create a good working atmosphere and adhere to legal workplace regulations
Directs video productions ranging from single-camera productions to multi-camera field and studio productions.
During post-production, edits and/or directs the editing of recorded video, audio, and other materials to meet the time, aesthetic, ethical, and broadcast-quality standards. Creates and/or guides the creation of graphics and soundtracks.

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