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A sports writer will do whatever is necessary to write exciting content for fans of the sport they cover. This may mean traveling to games, researching current events in the sport, making contacts to obtain insider information or tracking down sources. Unlike the brief information given during television news, written media must be detailed, in-depth and offer reasons for why a team won or lost. Because of this distinction, writers must dig very deep for information not found elsewhere and analyze subjective aspects of the game in order to deliver successful content.

After long hours spent collecting news and information about a competition, writers return to their home or office and combine that content to create an article. Typically, modern writers use a laptop to type out their articles. Some publications require writers to adhere to a specific format while others allow more creative freedom. Freelance writers are not held to these requirements, but must still ensure that the content is both entertaining and correct.

The sports writing career is very competitive. Sports writers often compete with others in their region to publish information first, thereby gaining the loyalty of a fan base hungry for information. In addition, many newspapers are downsizing and cutting staff, thereby creating more competition in this career field. However, with an ever-expanding media market, which now includes both commercial and personal blogs, writers have more opportunities than ever to secure a position in the industry.

Some sports writers cross over into other forms of media, such as television, radio and podcasts. They may write content for these shows or, if they show an aptitude, become talk show personalities themselves

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Internship, Contract, New-Grad

Salary: ₦50,000.00 – ₦70,000.00 per month


Writing: 1 year (Preferred)
Work Remotely:

Temporarily due to COVID-19

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