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This internwill work with the Company in an Internship capacity as young and creative content creators to:

Development, create, communicate, and produce finance news using exciting, innovative and entertaining approach through new ideas, target networks to sell publication series to, and foster the creative management of scripts at the birth of finance news (macro and micro).
Internship duties include, but are not limited to:

News Coverage: Interns will be required to create for publications incoming finance and/or economic news (macro and micro), summarizing finance news releases by the various government agencies, and private sector and giving communicating opinions using an entertaining approach to generate audience.
Administrative support: Help to edit contents for final publication.
Qualifications / Requirements

In pursuit of OND, HND, Bachelor or Graduate degrees.
Other freelancers seeking to explore positions in this area.
Must be smart, creative and intelligent.
Desired Characteristics:

Strong interest in the finance and entertainment industry.
Commitment to building a career in media publishing.
Adept with the social media platforms and strategies to gaining traction.
Ability to multitask and highly organized.
Excellent verbal and written communication, including strong ability to interpret publications in an entertaining style.
Previous internship experience in publication, while not a must, is an added advantage.
Application Closing Date
21st December, 2020.

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Terms & Conditions For Job:

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