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  • Posted 2 years ago


Video Editor
Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria

Job description


In search of a professional and experienced team to handle the full video creation process, producing high-quality Youtube content/videos of around 10 minutes, 30 videos monthly.


*Please read this carefully before applying for this job.*


Team to consist of Scriptwriter, Video Editor, and Thumbnail Designer.


The ideal candidate/team will have worked on YouTube automation channels before with measurable success, have extensive knowledge of Youtube guidelines/copyright rules/fair use policies, strong editing skills, and access to Stock Footage sites as well as experience with and use of VidIQ or Tubebuddy. Videos must be able to be monetized.

We will provide the idea/topic with some preliminary research/angles/samples and you would create the content/video around it.


Intro/End screen/Subscribe pop-up templates included.


Video workflow: 10-second bait intro, channel intro, follow IG/subscribe pop-ups, and then keep the content in the body edited in a funny, engaging, and entertaining way. Ending with the channel end screen.

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