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If you’re making a career or job transition, you’ve lost your job recently or have a lot of time for part-time work. Then, this is going to be exciting. You can join us (starting part-time and eventually full-time) if you have used or you have a lot of knowledge in any of the areas listed below:

E-commerce (think of Shopify, Amazon FBA, WooCommerce, Magento, Dropshipping, and the like)
Software, B2B Technology, and Hardware (think of anything around Zendesk, Salesforce, and any software listed on Site hosting, cloud technology, mobile technology, operating systems, WordPress, etc.)
Digital marketing (SEO, SMM, SEM, PPC, Influencer marketing, and others)
If you have done anything in these areas, then this will be a fit.


In the context of doing great work, we call ourselves “Content Wizards” because we charm our readers into taking action on what we’ve written. That’s why clients hire us.

In practice, you’ll be creating:

Step-by-step guides on various topics relating to eCommerce, technology, and digital marketing (Like these: and
Product reviews and roundups (Like these:,, and
Industry news reporting (Like these: and
Marketing collaterals (like downloadable Worksheets, Cheatsheets, Research Reports, Spreadsheets, eBooks, Infographics, and more)
Interviewing industry influencers (like you’ll find here:
Blog posts
Guest posts

Ultimately, you need three skills to succeed here.

Flawless English language skills
Curiosity overdose: an insatiable desire to research, discover, and try new things
Openness to learning and learning fast
Everything else can be taught. We have a robust program to help you learn them all.
Now, here are the skills you must have (or learn):

Know how SEO works
Write in flawless English (like a native English speaker)
Be willing to learn and write on new topics FAST (these clients throw all sorts of topics at us)
At the base pay-level, you’re able to deliver a minimum of 8,000 words of content a week and a maximum of 10,000 words. You can increase your pay by simply pushing that range higher, WITHOUT impacting work quality.
Use authoritative citations and statistics to back up your points. Yes, our magic works with logic.
Have basic image editing skills (or willing to learn)
You can make annotated screenshots,
Resize and reduce image weight (using free tools like Greenshot,, and
You can source images from Creative Commons, Pixabay, and such image sites.
Follow the rules and guidelines to the letter.
Deliver your work on schedule
Have a mastery of creating magic with words. That is, you must TOUCH the reader’s emotions and move them to action. Or you’re not a wizard yet.

Hopefully, by now, you’re already seeing the benefits. Specifically, here’s how you’ll enjoy working with us:

Work on projects for big brands and exciting startups: Work on projects with prestigious global brands. We’ve worked on projects for the likes of IBM, Microsoft, Deloitte, HP, Accenture, and more. But we regularly collaborate on projects with small businesses and startups like (in Poland), (in Singapore), (in the US), (in the UK), (in Hong Kong), and many more.

We reward hard work: We pay well and always looking for opportunities to improve our value to you and our clients. We are firm believers in win-win-win—wins for you, the client, and us. We welcome innovative suggestions, so if you bring ideas that boost our performance or revenue, you will be financially rewarded too.

Develop globally marketable skills: The work you’ll be doing endows you with skills that you can use in any market across the globe. So, no matter where you go, these skills can earn you great work opportunities, and a fantastic income.

Want to move to Senegal? We are 100% remote, but with a small team that works from Dakar, Senegal. So if you ever choose to move here, we can help you with the move, finding accommodation, settling, getting residency, and integrating into the society here. Senegal has the highest safety index of any West African nation and welcomes more tourists from across the globe than anywhere in West Africa.

Work from anywhere: You can work from anywhere. Our work isn’t tied to any office or location. As long as you have an internet connection and laptop, you can get stuff done.

Work anytime you choose: You don’t have to clock-in to work daily. Deliver your best work on set deadlines, and you can choose to play in the day and work at night or mix work and play as you wish. You own your time.

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