Casting for TV commercial  for a Telecom

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Casting for TV commercial  for a Telecom

Brand telecom

Read through the brief before you apply. If you fit into any category Send your video, Name ànd age with 2 pix to 08038556284.

(1 ) male and female. 23yr -30yr people of different body types. Slim, chubby, fit and well built, pot-bellied etc  Act like a boxing face-off with a challenger off camera. Looking really mean.
Flexing his muscles. Generally trying to intimidate the opponent. Then they do two options for the end. 1 rejoice like he won, 2: Be deflated like he lost fees N200k

(2  )Male age range 33-40
Must be good-looking, neat, nice physique, and should be wearing a Suit they act like they are hosting an award show with so much swag. They must be facing the camera. They should adjust their tie, cuff, and sleeves and then introduce themselves as the host of the show.  Fees 200k.

( 3 ) Extras male and female, 20k. Age range 18yr -30yr They just make a video as they are cheering their teammates, clapping, and excited.

Send all video to 08038556284 EXPIRES AUGUST 7

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