Video Editor/Photo Editor

The Adaline Limited

We are in search of a skilled and innovative editor to work on exciting new projects in the beauty and digital marketing industry. Photo editing and graphic knowledge would be an advantage in this role.


Skilled in the use of Adobe premiere pro or Final Cut Pro X.
Knowledge of Photoshop and Lightroom or Capture One Pro for editing portraits
Knowledge of photo editing techniques such as frequency separation, dodging and burning, liquify, color grading, and the use of LUTS
Proven working experience in digital photo and video editing
Thorough knowledge of timing, motivation, and continuity
A keen eye for detail
Knowledge of graphics and web design will be an advantage.

Main Responsibilities

Provide creative input and concepts for photo and video production/shoot planning.
Create high engaging videos for our Youtube, Instagram, and web pages
Create quality photographs and graphics for Youtube, Instagram, and web use
Edit a variety of video, photo, and graphic content, while adhering strictly to deadlines
Review footage and make expert editing decisions to improve impact of each video deliverable
Input music, transitions, captions, graphics, effects, and color grades to videos
Create rough and final cuts
Ensure logical sequencing and smooth running
Edit crisp audio
Ensure color grading and quality of final videos are top-notch.
Continuously discover and implement new editing technologies and industry best practices to maximize efficiency.

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