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Voix Collective

About the Show

This podcast is a narrated storytelling podcast covering personal human stories. It is a ten-episode dramatised series that retells reported stories about finances and what part they play in people’s lives.

The show follows a first-person narrative – the subject of the story – and is complemented by dramatised scenes, supporting characters and sound design.

We are looking for experienced voice actors to help us bring this podcast to life.

Our ideal voice actor is:

Able to fluently read through a script
Can convey emotions
Is able to take directions and quickly apply them
Has some voice acting experience in an audio drama, commercial, jingle etc

Applications close on the 27th of May

What you will do

We are looking for male and female lead voices for our episodes. As part of this project, you will read the part of a lead voice, telling the first-person story of one of our episodes, as well as playing the part of an extra in two other episodes.



For this application, you will need to send us a reel, portfolio or link to your previous work and upload a recording of you narrating the sample script below

Tone: Narrative, Casual, Nostalgic

“I was 4 when we moved into a high rise apartment, right before primary 1. The highrise was directly in front of the third mainland bridge. So we could see the water under it.

I think we were staying on the 6th floor so we could come out of the parlour and walk into the balcony and we would have a very clear view of the third mainland bridge and the water too. Whenever they took light, my brothers and I would hang out on the balcony and watch the fishermen fishing.

It got intense when there was rain. The water would be very shaky and rocky and we could see some fishes jumping out and the fishermen would have to move towards land and everywhere would be very windy”


Apply by filling out this form–OTqBfvPkabdwYV5kmcvzwH80gjWvOHRAwLr6Q5Y5A/viewform


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