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Asurf Oluseyi – Crowd Funding Movies in Nigeria | How to get Brands on your Movie

In this video, Asurf Oluseyi talk about how he use his network for crowd funding his first film Hakunde. Watch full video below. Sunscribe to our youtube channel for more.

So crowd crowdfunding in Nigeria for Films. A lot of people believe it is not possible and it can’t work. I tried it on my last film (Hakunde) and It wasn’t just an idea. I’ve done a lot of free stuff for a lot of entertainers and a lot of people in the industry. So I knew I had a few people that I can reach out to and buzz and say yo guys I’m working on my first feature film. Even if it’s just going to be The only time that I will go through that route I wanted to explore it


I knew that if I asked them for money, they might not take me serious. But I knew that if I threw it up as a campaign and say I have a feature Film which I’m working on and I told people to Be a part of it to support my career. I was sure one or two people would jump on it .

This was the strategy we used during  Hakunde.


I couldn’t raise my goal which was like, 8 million naira , but From the campaign. I was able to raise 1.8 million naira and if you had to make one point eight million at the cinemas That’s a lot That’s about 1800 seats actually and that is me reducing my risk before shooting using people within my networks To subscribe to what I’m working on and also managing my budget.

so if you have people within your network space you have People that believe in you,  believe in your ideas I think it won’t be a bad idea to throw it open and you’ll be shocked to see the number of people that possibly

Turn up. So to jump on it most especially if you have a great idea and you have an awesome execution plan

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