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Registration call for Aspiring Filmmakers in Lagos

Registration call for aspiring filmmakers to be a part of the Lagos FilmLabProject | August – September

The Lagos filmLAB is a project funded by the British Council and the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF), in collaboration with delivery partners, Biola Alabi Media and Creative England. The project is designed to address issues affecting the film industry in Nigeria, such as challenges around financing, infrastructure, and capacity building, to improve the quality of output and revenue.
Open to all aspiring filmmakers in Lagos state, Lagos filmLAB aims to discover and support emerging talents towards the development and production of market-ready, low-budget, high-quality feature films.
This project will discover and support 12 teams of emerging film talent in August/September 2019, through an intensive residential programme facilitated by experienced film executives and professional writers. Filmmaking teams will be guided through the development and production phases of filmmaking with dedicated support. They will also enjoy access to networking and mentoring opportunities with established industry professionals.
Participants will be educated on topics such as script development, production, sales, marketing and distribution, and financing. The initiative is designed to improve the creative and commercial skills of each filmmaking team member, thereby positively impacting the overall film making industry in Lagos State.

Alongside the 12 teams of aspiring filmmakers who will be selected for the Lagos filmlLAB programme through an interview and shortlisting process, other aspiring and professional filmmakers will also enjoy opportunities to improve their skills with a series of seminars and open sessions with industry experts from the UK and Nigeria. These efforts are aimed at the development of the local capacity to use similar models to strengthen film making approaches and enhance the commercial viability of film projects.
The seminar topics have been carefully selected and developed to proffer solutions to the challenges identified in the ‘2017 PWC Spotlight’ on ‘The Nigerian Film Industry’ which highlighted financing, infrastructure, capacity, copyright infringements and piracy, weak distribution and marketing channels, and taxation as some of the key existing challenges limiting the growth of the Nigerian Film Industry (Nollywood).
Registration will commence;
Date: Thursday, August 22nd – Wednesday, September 18th, 2019
Participants are expected to register for the project here.

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