Social media and communications assistant

  • Full Time
  • Lagos
  • Posted 2 years ago

Breadish Bakery

If you’re 27 & below, love food, innovation and adventure, great at writing engaging stories & you know how to achieve results online with a variety of stakeholders, you’re our ideal candidate, preferably Female.
You will be responsible for managing all of the organization’s online & offline communications with all Customers.
Responsibilities cover developing relevant engaging, creative and innovative content to enlighten Customers and promote the organization’s work and brand.

2 to 3 years related work experience is acceptable.
Solid writing, research, customer engagement, social media and analytical skills.
Ability to multitask and key into Organization’s goals in a way that aligns to candidate’s personal growth and long term career objectives.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills. THIS IS CRUCIAL.
Attention to Details and Social/ Emotional Intelligence.
Excellent Organizational and Interpersonal Skills
Excellent Social Media and IT skills

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