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Top 5 Nigerian Movies to Watch This Easter Season

Easter is here again, and you have what? Four days without work emails and work calls or duties. What will you be doing with all that time? Asides from eating all the easter goodies of course. Let me recommend movies to you.

Trust me, it is not your regular “Jesus Died on the Cross” movies. The Nigerian Movie Industry has done interesting movies that will keep you glued to your screen this season. We are leaving no room for boredom. (winks)

Stick around to see my top 5 suggestions for you.

Gangs of Lagos: This movie is directed by Jadesola Osiberu and starred by Tobi Bakre, Adesuwa Etomi-Wellington, and the music star, Chike. Other actors include Chioma Akpotha, Yvonne Jegede, Mr Macaroni, Bimbo Ademoye, Iyabo Ojo, Zlatan, Pasuma and a host of others. The drama is set in the famous Isale Eko. A group of friends are trying to navigate their predetermined destiny in the bustling streets of Isale Eko, Lagos. As they transition from childhood to adulthood, they are faced with decisions that might lead them to find their destinies. Is this possible in a place like Isale Eko? Jadesola and Tobi Bakre, in their time at the I said what I said podcast with Jola and FK, confirmed that that movie will blow our minds. It premiers on Good Friday and is a good starter for the weekend.

The Wait: Since this movie hit Netflix on the 13th of January, 2023, it has been a sensation. If you’ve not seen this one, this holiday season will be a good time to relax and enjoy a good movie centred on the Christian theme, “faith”. It speaks of how humans wait in faith for their dreams to be achieved. For Dr Nara, started by Nse Ikpe Etim, it was a wait for a life partner, for Chimezie Imo’s Character, it was a wait for a job. Many characters were also waiting for children. This movie sets the Easter vibes on the go. Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of the King-Jesus which has been prophesied about and like the Israelites, the wait is about seeking out a promise in hope. It is a good Christian-themed movie to set the vibes for Easter Meditation and considerations going. Check it out on Netflix.

Brotherhood: A movie about twin brothers that are the opposite of each other. Akin, started by Tobi Bakre, is a criminal whilst his twin brother, Folarin, Falz, is a police officer. The movie starts with the loss of their parents and the beginning of their journey as orphans in Isale Eko. A blockbuster also by Jadesola Osiberu. It portrays family bonds, environmental effects on the life of a person, and destiny shapers as some of its main themes. You want to grab your popcorn on this one.

Wura: meaning gold is a film about gold mining. A showmax original series that shows a family woman, Amoo Adeleke, who is also a ruthless business mogul. The movie began with Wura killing her daughter whom she gave birth to and abandoned in her teenage years. If you’ve not seen this interesting series, you should go and binge-watch it now. So far, since it first premiered on 26th January 2023, it has 38 episodes on air. You can catch up on Showmax.

Dark October: Another interesting one on Netflix. It is the debut movie of Linda Ikeji. A movie that depicts the death of the “Aluu 4” at the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers States in 2012. Through this movie, we understand the dangers of jungle justice better and see why it is important to let the law take its due cost in any issue rather than taking matters into our own hands.

Which of these movies will you be seeing come next weekend? Let us know in the comment section.

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