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The Road to Making “The Black Book”

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The journey to Editi Effiong’s The Black Book is wrought with a series of experiences, from a threatening haze, and fear for life and property to incredible creative stunts.

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Highly anticipated film, The Black Book, directed by Editi Effiong follows the touching story of a father searching for justice for his son’s murder. The synopsis reads

“Old scores bubble to the surface when a man’s only son is killed by a gang of corrupt policemen and he falls back on his military training to get justice.”

The Netflix acquired film is a product of two years of writing and a year of pre-production, and this lengthy journey came with its share of poignant experiences. On the crew’s most tedious task, the film’s director says

“We were at a granite quarry near Maraban Jos, which was just the worst place to be caught in a haze. Asides the haze itself, the quarry, where large granite rocks are ground into gravel and fine construction clippings, produces a lot of igneous dust. Unlike regular sand, this dust is super sharp and could hurt eyes and skin if blown by wind. Then the wind started. Before we could duck back into our vehicles, the dust had blown into our faces. Anyone who wasn’t wearing a mask was coughing like mad”

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