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Storytellers for Change Cervical Cancer Free Nigeria: Storytellers for Change Grant

Calling all Nigerian filmmakers! We are looking for a Nigerian-based storyteller to create a short film that raises awareness about cervical cancer in Nigeria and its prevention. Cervical cancer is a major health issue in Nigeria, and early detection and treatment are essential for saving lives. Your short film can help to raise awareness about this important issue and be a catalyst for change.

The winning film will receive a $10,000 grant to support production costs and will be produced in collaboration with award-winning creative studio Melanin Unscripted.

The winning film will be submitted to film festivals and other events in Nigeria and around the world. It will also be made available online for free viewing to reach a global audience and raise awareness about cervical cancer.

Learn more about cervical cancer at

Apply by October 12, 2023, and be part of this vital movement. Together, let’s create a healthier future for all. #StorytellersforChange #CCFN #RiseInLight

What is the Storytellers for Change grant?
Who is Global Oncology (GO)?
What is the Cervical Cancer Free Nigeria campaign about?
Who is eligible to apply for the grant?
What types of mediums are eligible for the grant?
What are the judging criteria for the grant?
Can I submit a film that has already been produced?
How can I apply for the grant?
When is the application deadline?
Can we apply for the grant more than once?
How will the selected filmmakers be notified?
What is the budget for the grant?
If selected, how long will we have to complete the project?
How will the film be distributed?
What should be the primary focus of the film?
I have other questions. How can I get in touch?

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