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Cinetie is a media service provider and entertainment company that offers streaming services of library of films and television programs. Through the film streaming services, Cinetie has a library of thousands of films of all genre include but not limited to short films, documentary, long features, TV series/shows and anime .

The main mission and vision of Cinetie include to provide the support to content producers by providing the platform where they can monetise their content  to reach the global audience , thus develop the film industry in Africa.

Provide the marketing services to content at Cinetie to the global audience to ensure the visibility.

Provide an entertainment platform to the global audience where they can enjoy Pan -African content.


Cinetie has given itself the goal to support the African film producers to break the barrier in African film industry. with this, Cinetie is proud to invite all   filmmakers to apply for production fund. in this process Cinetie will select the best Projects to allocate the fund for production of their content. The projects eligible are all genres include short films, documentary, long feature films, TV series or show and animations.

The funds will continue to be issued to different qualified producers every year for every call for application.

Eligibility criteria

The fund is open to all filmmakers  regardless of their location .to be qualified to this fund, applicant need to have a good and authentic  story. all topic and all genres are welcome except pornographic content. the call is open to everyone who have a good project to pitch to Cinetie content acquisition team. if you have a pilot of the project you are applying for, be sure to include the link within this application .


·        Have a pitch document of your project, submit it and demonstrate all aspects of your project including the budget required, location, equipment, involved crew and cast, timeframe and any other special requirement you may need during the production. ( additional technical details and format will be provided to the winners before starting the production work .  )

·       All applicants should be from any  country currently

·       The film submitted needs to be authentic, original and have not previously produced anywhere or copied,             all not authentic project will be disqualified.

·       Demonstrate the ability to complete the project.

·       Demonstrate the team and the profile of the above line crew.

·       Applicants can apply as solo producers, group or company.

·       All applicants must be premium user of Cinetie. therefore, you are required to have a valid subscription .


The deadline for the application is fixed on 30th September 2023 at midnight. late application will be rejected.

It is very important to apply earlier as the selection process will start earlier before the deadline and will continue after the deadline.

all winners will be communicated in October and November

Details on funds

The fund will sponsor all the production costs based on the budget submitted by applicant.  It is recommended to submit the realist budget, all projects that will demonstrate unrealistic budget or excessive budgets will be disqualified.

This call sponsor low to mid budget projects  up to 350,000 usd (three hundred and fifty thousand united state dollars ) per project  depending on the requirements of the project . if your project require more than that , you will consider to finance the remaining funds at your own .


All selected projects will be invited for pitching. The pitching will be held physically or online. Therefore, all applicants are required to have a pitch deck for the project.


All winners will be replied to either by their email or on phone call, therefore please submit the correct email, and correct phone number and maintain them active. (Make sure to include your country code to every phone number you provide)All winners will be required to submit additional documents including their identification or passport document, if it is a company registration certificate will be required as well as pitch deck for the project. All winners will sign a contract with Cinetie prior to starting the production works.


All the content produced through this  process will be exclusively the property of Cinetie  for at least 2 years.  during this time the content will be streamed only at Cinetie except unless permitted by Cinetie the producer might be guaranteed some rights. However, after this time , the producer will be guaranteed  a non exclusive license to distribute the film on other paying platform except free platform .

checklist to verify before applying 

Check list to complete before you submit your application to Cinetie. make sure you have the following details. Only projects that fulfil this requirement will be considered:

1.     You have a good story and submit it while filling this form

2.     You verify the number and your email you submit to us to make sure they are active  so that you do not miss when we respond to you (if you change your contact info please notify to us on our email

3.     The story you submit have to be original and not copied from someone else or have been produced. if you are producing a story based on book, novel or modifying the previous film  which does not belong to you , you will need to provide the agreement you signed with the owner )

4.     You are ready to handle the production of the project you are applying for

5.     Available for pitching either online or physical.( physical pitch will happens respectively in every applicant country of origin with Cinetie country representative , where not possible the pitching will be conducted online )

6.     Prepare a pitch deck which highlight more information about your project to submit once we notify you that  your project is pre-qualified .

Additional information

In case you need additional information, please text your inquiry to Cinetie through the following email:  or call or chat with us   directly to +250788306623 or +1 315 5993040







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