Advertising Manager

  • Full Time
  • Lagos
  • Posted 3 years ago

Westforte Global Limited

Overseeing advertising department operations and staff members.
Working with staff members, clients, or an ad agency to establish and meet projects goals and establish and enforce budgets and timelines.
Developing advertising strategies to increase buyer interest in products or services.
Monitoring project progress from planning to execution to ensure it remains focused and evaluate its effectiveness.
Negotiating contracts specifications and terms with clients or other external parties.
Initiating and directing research efforts.
Collecting and analyzing data and presenting it to other parties, including management and clients.
Participating in the hiring and evaluating employees within the advertising department.
Providing expert advice on marketing and advertising methods for new or existing products or services.

Bachelor’s degree in Advertising, Marketing, or related field.
Understanding of design and marketing principles and techniques.
Exceptional organizational and multitasking skills, especially when working with multiple projects/teams.
Excellent management, negotiation, listening, and verbal and written communication skills.
Decisiveness and strong problem solving skills, especially under stress.
Ability to develop and maintain relationships.
Solid sales and presentation skills.
Additional skills, experience, or expertise may be strongly desired or required.
Application Closing Date
25th February, 2021.

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